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Edward Mazria

Edward Mazria is an internationally recognized architect, author, researcher, and educator. Over the past decade, his seminal research into the sustainability, resilience, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions of the built environment has redefined the role of architecture, planning, design, and construction in reshaping our world. He is the founder of Architecture 2030, a think tank that develops real-world solutions to 21st century problems, and host of the AIA+2030 Professional Education Series and inspiration for the 2030 Districts movement in cities across North America.

Mazria launched the 2030 Challenge and introduced the 2030 Palette, a revolutionary new platform that puts the principles behind resilient and low-carbon/zero-carbon built environments within reach of architects, planners and designers around the world. In 2014 he presented the Roadmap to Zero Emissions at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in which he called for zero emissions in the built environment by 2050, and drafted the 2050 Imperative, endorsed by professional organisations representing more than 1.3 million architects in 124 countries around the world. In 2015 it launched the China Accord, which has been adopted by key international companies that are committed to planning, designing and building with carbon neutral standards in China; and made the keynote presentation at the UNFCCC COP21 "Building Day" entitled The 2-Degree Pathway for the Construction Sector.

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